Detail Drawings

Detail drawing services by Greensouq involve the creation of detailed plans and drawings that show the design and layout of various elements in a landscape project. These drawings are used to communicate the design intent to clients, contractors, and other stakeholders and help ensure that the project is completed as planned.


Some of the detail drawing services that a Greensouq might offer include:

Site analysis and surveying

This involves measuring and mapping the existing site conditions, such as topography, soil type, vegetation, and existing structures, to inform the design process.

Conceptual design

Based on the site analysis, the Greensouq will develop a conceptual design that outlines the overall vision and goals for the project, including the placement of major features like hardscaping, planting beds, and water features.

Construction drawings

These detailed plans and specifications provide instructions for the construction of the project. They include dimensions, material specifications, and other details that are necessary for the project to be built accurately.

Planting plans

These drawings show the placement and arrangement of plants in the landscape, including details such as spacing, plant varieties, and irrigation requirements.

Lighting plans

If the project includes outdoor lighting, Greensouq will create a lighting plan that shows the location of fixtures and the type of lighting to be used.

Irrigation plans

These drawings show the placement and layout of irrigation systems, including sprinklers, drip lines, and valves. 





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