Modification, Restoration, Refurbishment and Renovation

Refurbishments can not only change the overall look of your pool, but it can also make sure your pool is a safe area for your friends and family. GreenSouq make sure any damage is quickly and expertly resolved, giving you back the freedom to enjoy your beautiful pool area that is up to date for many years to come.

No matter new or old, every pool after a while need repair work. Whether it is a noisy pump disturbing your relaxation time or unexplained water loss, we have experienced to eliminate all the faults with our years of experience. Our engineers and experts pride themselves on being able to quickly and efficiently diagnose the problems by using tested and tried methods. Due to this, the time at site reduces which in turns reduce your money expenditure and expense.

  • Concrete damage repairs.
  • Pipe line or fittings damage repairs.
  • Leakage and underwater detection & repair.
  • Changes in the levels of pool depth.
  • Re-tiling or Re-Grouting of complete pool.
  • Upgrading filtration systems or heater chiller unit.
  • Replacing your deck / border with the latest coping stones.
  • Repair or update old pool lights with the newest colored LED lights.
  • Pool Pump Repair.
  • Pool Filter Repair.































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