Swimming Pool Contractor Company In Dubai

One of the best thing about owning a house – you can design and style it whatever way you want.

For people who want to create the most impressive possible impression on their visitors, swimming pools are a must-have.

Not only do they provide an excellent place to relax inside the home walls, swimming pools can also do wonders for the overall look of the area, adding beauty and aesthetic value to the space, You can have a well-maintained garden, a lavish swimming pool, a porch area to hold parties, basically anything that makes your home a better place. People have visions about their house, but unfortunately, they can’t find the right talent to do the job.

We are here to help people get the best of their places. GreenSouq offers complete landscaping and pool solutions. We are proud to be amongst the best landscaping and swimming pool companies in Dubai – UAE.

Swimming Pool Concepts

Skimmer Swimming Pool

Skimmer Pool




  • Skimmer swimming pool is a standard pool at lowest cost among other concepts
  • Skimmers are typically located in a unit that hangs on the side of the pool, with the basket slightly submerged in the water
Infinity Swimming Pool





  • It is a swimming/reflecting pool where the water flows over one or more edges
  • Producing a visual effect of water with no boundary, It includes acrylic and glass as optional
Overflow Swimming Pool






  • It is a swimming/reflecting pool that has at least one edge over which water overflows
  • With an overflow pool, instead of having the water sucked in by the skimmer, it is collected in a “water tank”. Since the pool is already full, the incoming water automatically spills over into the water tank, creating the overflow effect
Mirror Swimming Pool




  • The mirror-effect pool is a variant of the overflowing, or infinity pool. But rather than overflowing on a single side, cascading into a lower, second pool, the water in a mirror pool flows equally over each of its edges. This is made possible by a channel system placed all around the pool
  • The body of water is level with the floor or above it, creating a wonderful reflection effect
Acrylic | Glass in Pool




  • Our acrylic pool windows add beauty and elegance to any setting and also come with numerous other benefits including: they are highly resistant to impact; they are durable and long-lasting, much more so than glass; and they allow natural light into the pool
  • When it comes to creating a truly memorable swimming experience that is unlike any other having an acrylic pool is the perfect starting point. Your guests, whether you are a homeowner or a resort owner, will love swimming in your beautiful pool with the amazing views that its acrylic pool window provides







  • Whether in a garden, with a pool on a terrace or on a roof, enjoy a moment of relaxation, massage and meditation.
  • Number of seats, powerful jet, multi-colored LED lights, comfortable headrests, full massage every seat, change the settings all are options shall be chosen.

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